Machine Vision

machine visionMachine vision utilises high-quality imaging methods and has a broad scope of applications for manufacturers:

  • Defect elimination – vision is used to detect and eliminate production defects before further processing is applied. This ensures high product quality and reduces production costs.
  • Assembly verificationMachine vision is a very accurate measurement tool. It determines object dimensions precisely to the millimetre, again reducing the number of defect or wasted products.
  • Process Automation – guiding industrial robots becomes easier with vision technologies. “Teaching” a robot to perform a particular task is a time-consuming job. Vision allows for real-time adjustments of a robot’s position, making the production process more efficient.
  • Tracking and identification of partsEfficiency improvements depend on the ability to track parts and products. Tracking is also becoming part of legislation rules such as the FDA validation of processes.

Scope of supply:

  • Initial survey to determine environment for installation and to obtain samples.
  • Specification document – clarification of pass/fail criteria.
  • Technical evaluation to determine if the project is feasible.
  • Design of the vision system, using the correct hardware/software/lighting etc.
  • Installation and commissioning – a turnkey approach
  • Service and support – ongoing.

Previous projects:

Our engineers have experience in a wide range of industries and applications, these include:

Food and beverage – bottle fill level, packaging verification, promotional labelling, OCR/OCV of best before dates

Automotive – assembly verification, defect detection, OCR/OCV of part numbers

Paper and printing web inspection

Manufacturing – assembly verification, packaging verification

Pharmaceutical – product reconciliation, OCR/OCV of label information