Here is what some of our customers have to say about working with Optima…

  • “Over a number of years I have worked with Optima’s team of skilled control system engineers on a number of projects and on a diverse range of applications. On each occasion I have found that we have been easily able to develop an excellent working relationship and this factor has been a key contributor to the success of the specific project. Optima’s approach is typified by a great attention to detail, very thorough communication and documentation and a high level of technical ability. Optima have been and will continue to be a preferred partner for my business.”

         Ben Clements, Managing Director – Emerson and Renwick Ltd.


  • “When I acquired BCP ten years ago I inherited quite a number of older machines that were no longer supported by the original manufacturer, indeed many of those “original” companies were no more. Therefore maintaining and upgrading the control system equipment was always a problem particularly on the electrical control side. How fortunate, therefore, were we to find a company with the skillset, understanding and a genuine desire to help no more than two miles away. There was nothing sexy or too demanding in the initial support projects Optima undertook but as our business has grown so has the relationship we have with Optima where their involvement is now far more cutting edge. A partnership in the true sense of the word.”

         Brian Jones, Managing Director – BCP Fluted Packaging Ltd.


  • “Our drive control system is a critical element in our machine, Optima designed and implemented a high performance web transport system that helps GVE to produce world class metallisers.”

         Bill Duckham – General Vacuum Equipment


  • “The control system projects were professionally managed to a high standard, delivered on-time, whilst conforming fully to our design and specification criteria. We would recommend Optima as a company that are good to do business with.”

         John Lindop, Senior Electrical Engineer – Beamech Group


  • “I would like to thank Optima for organizing an engineer with such swift response. Your engineer did an excellent job and we were thoroughly impressed with his control systems knowledge, experience and work ethic. He did a fantastic job.”

         Paul Wildgoose – Airflow Refrigeration Spacers


  • “Optima’s engineers have very good core skills and offered excellent support integrating our control equipment.”

         Andrew Curson – Tensar International


  • “Optima has worked on several projects for us and we have found them a very good company to deal with. In this case the machine required a complete control system overhaul in the shortest time possible, which Optima achieved. Their engineering expertise is first-class and we now have much better web tension and speed control, as well as improved product quality.”

         George Graham, Site Director – Flexel International


  • “We had to carry out the control system installation while the factory extension was actually being built around us. I can’t speak highly enough of Optima’s input. They helped us meet a lot of challenges. Their guys went the extra mile for us in China and provided a first-class service. The project wouldn’t have been completed on time without them.”

         Paul Riding, Project Engineer – Voith China


  • “Whilst we carry out our marketing activities on Optima’s behalf, we consistently receive only positive comments from anyone we spoke with. Optima’s expertise in control systems engineering is highly valued by their customers.”

         Philip Allott, Managing Director – Allott & Associates


  • “Whilst I am aware that the level of professionalism shown during the installation was your normal way of working, it is always refreshing to deal with a company who operate at that level of commitment and service. I have been monitoring the manufacturing efficiency of the printing press in the last few days and some of the figures have really been superb..”

         David Forrester – Polestar East Kilbride Ltd.


  • “I am very pleased that you agreed to work over the Christmas period – it would have been impossible to complete the project at different times as we had to change the mechanics in parallel with the control system. Optima’s upgrade contributed to an improved line efficiency of at least 20%. We now have better control and accuracy in production – speed and tension loops are great. Also, Optima managed to raise the machine safety levels to a higher standard.”

         Joe Crane – Tensar International


  • “The upgrade extended the production line performance rates, consequently we now enjoy better competitiveness. Through improved process control we were able to expand the product range, as well. Overall, Optima delivered a control solution on time, on budget and our production performance increased as expected.”

         Arron Woodiwiss, Bridon International


  • “For a particular project, Optima were faced with a new and difficult challenge. They re-engineered our machine electrically and mechanically, installing new drives whilst embedding the controls into our existing Siemens PLC and operator control panel. This has greatly improved the stability and performance of our machine with a speed increase thrown in for good measure. The project was professionally managed and implemented at all stages, and I have already recommended Optima to other areas of our business.”

         Brian Small


  • We recognised Optima as a very capable outfit but it was a tricky project and the pressure was on them to get the machine up and running as soon as possible. Optima did a great job and provided an excellent back-up service. They coped really well and I would certainly use them again.

         John Milne, Renolit


  • “The project had to be completed to a tight schedule and the absence of good documentation for what is an old machine did not prove to be a problem for Optima. The electrical installation and commissioning of the project was a great success. This was aided by the interaction between Optima and our teams during the design stage coupled with clear technical detail and documentation.”

         Greg Fellows, Bridon International

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Up to 5 Years Warranty as Standard on our Motor and Drive Upgrades with Siemens

As a trusted Siemens Drive and Motion Partner, any machine upgrade that Optima engineer that uses Siemens Drives and Motors, Siemens will provide a 5 year warranty on the drive and 3 years on the motor/ motor gearbox Free of Charge. Optima can also extend this standard warranty further for you at preferential rates as a trusted partner of Siemens. See the below link for more information:


To be accepted as a Solution Partner of the “Drives & Motion” arm of Siemens, Optima must fulfill the following qualification criteria:

  • A proven track record of many years of experience in implementing projects in drive systems engineering using Siemens components
  • Qualified management our own projects, configuration and quality
  • Regular auditing of partner performance by Siemens Automation and Drives
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