The printing industry is amongst the world’s most dynamic and demanding manufacturing sectors and one in which Optima has vast experience. Since 1995 we have supplied the sector with our control systems engineering skills, delivering to companies, large and small, improvements in performance, reliability and manufacturing efficiency of their printing operations. Our automation expertise produces print quality improvements, too.

Printing press manufacturers apply their own control strategies on their machines, so upgrading a press demands a highly tailored solution. Now in our 17th successful year of trading, we have been upgrading and improving machines manufactured by renowned companies such as Cerrutti, Jagenberg, Polytype, DCM press, Bobst, Rotomec, Schiavi, Atlas, and Delta.

Scope of Suply:

Our name has become synonymous to industrial automation and control systems engineering. Within the printing industry we are able to provide specialist services in the following areas:

  • Project specification – surveying the printing machine is as important as the actual upgrade. This service allows our engineers to understand the concept of the printing process and decide on the best course of action.
  • Control system design – Once the printing equipment is inspected, our engineers design the ideal configuration of a new control system. This is the area that Optima’s engineers have mastered to perfection.
  • PLC and drive system software – The soul of every machine is its software. It guides the printing press and is a key success factor to efficiency improvements.
  • Manufacture of drives panel – At present, we are able to offer a complete assembly of the drives panel in-house. Control panel construction is a complicated task that requires specialist understanding and skills.
  • Full tests of hardware and software – We want to make sure that your machine has a control system that meets the highest standards of performance and safety. The project engineer will make sure everything works smoothly, before you start using the upgraded equipment.
  • Installation – We also provide full installation services for the new control system.

Previous Projects:

Polestar Purnell

Coating line control system replacement

Design and supply of variable speed drive Control system for web transport and coating processes. Equipment used for this project includes Allen Bradley PLCs and Parker SSD DC drives.

Rewinder control system upgrade

Replacement of existing torque controlled DC drives and P.M. motors with equivalent AC vector drives and motors including load cell tension control in closed loop format.

Slitter data logging system modification

Modifications and commissioning of PLC and touch-screen software.

Laminating line drives replacement

Design, manufacture and supply of new control cubicle incorporating Parker SSD control equipment.

Laminating machine safety system design

Modifications of the existing safety system using PILZ safety equipment and including additional rotation sensing equipment.


Printing machine register monitoring system

Supply of register measurement system to monitor repeat length of register marks.
Siemens PLC and HMI equipment is incorporated.

ECL line rewinders upgrade

Design of new control system for the re-conditioned and upgraded rewinder stand and integration of design and equipment into the existing drive control system.


Jagenberg CTL guard safety system

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of Pilz safety PLC equipment.

Flexel International

Printing/laminating line drive system upgrade

Conversion of control system from DC to AC motors/drives using ABB equipment. Scope of supply also includes emergency stop system upgrade.

CCL Decorative Sleeves

Printing machine installation servicing

Engineering support for Siemens Masterdrive and Siemens S7 PLC controllers