Chemical & Pharmaceutical


Both the chemical and the pharmaceutical sectors are currently faced with new challenges to overcome. Factors such as regulations, quality and increased price sensitivity play a critical role for the success of big multinational companies in both industries. Improving manufacturing processes allows meeting the demands of a changing competitive environment.

In the face of generic drugs, buyers in the pharms sector now show greater price sensitivity. Hence, improving production efficiency and flexibility by employing the latest industrial automation solutions is critical. The pharmaceutical sector has stringent design constraints employing GAMP design and verification standards. We have engineered numerous control systems compliant with GAMP standards, again to some household names in the pharmaceutical sector. Meeting and exceeding safety and quality regulations is always at the heart of what we do.

The primary focus of the chemical industry has always been safety and productivity. Hazardous areas and ATEX regulations need to be accounted for in many of the system designs for chemical applications. Appropriate ATEX-compliant systems, where required, are an inherent part of the solutions we provide to this sector.

Scope of Supply:

  • Conduct a detailed site survey.
  •  Produce a detailed specification document. (FDS)
  •  Produce electrical circuit schematic diagrams.
  •  Produce electrical cable schedules.
  • PLC, HMI software engineering.
  • Provide Factory Acceptance Test documentation. (FAT)
  • Shipment of equipment.
  • Provide Site Acceptance Test documentation. (SAT)
  • Electrical Installation – control panel and interface wiring
  • Mechanical Installation (if required by the customer)
  • Commissioning – testing of new control system
  • Validation – Validating the control system to conform to GAMP standards

 Previous projects:


Indexing Table Control System

Main control build using Allen Bradley and Schmersal equipment

Pilz emergency stop relays employed for safety.

Software engineering

Panel testing


Unwind/Rewind Safety System

Emergency stop system engineering to suit an assumed risk level category

PL .D. as defined in ISO EN 13849 for the apparatus supplied. Equipment used: SICK, Pilz

Electrical installation – Termination of the power and control cables in the existing and new control panels. Installation of auxiliary components in the existing control panels, DC drive contactors and safety relays.


Cold Fill Line Control System

Upgrade of filling table and consolidation of controls using Allen Bradley and Pilz equipment.

Manufacture and supply of bespoke electrical and pneumatic panel.

Software validation to conform to GAMP standards

Electrical installation


Aeromatic Fluid Bed Clean In Place (CIP) Control System

Control system upgrade using Rockwell equipment.

Emergency stop system engineering using Pilz safety relays

Equipment testing and commissioning

Laser Marking System Integration

Main control build using Rockwell and Parker SSD equipment.

Safety control system engineering using Pilz relays

Design, build and commission


Crown Paints

Paint Line Feed System

Control system engineering using Siemens S7 equipment. Scope of supply includes producing circuit schematic diagrams to EN60204-1, engineering of PLC and HMI resident functional software and manufacturing of control cubicles.


Palletising Line PLC Upgrade

Replacement of the existing control desk and its TI PLC with new control desk and including Siemens S7-300 PLCs.

Installation and Commissioning

Palletiser Guarding System

Safety system engineering including PLC software and new control cubicle. Equipment used: Fortress Interlocks

Electrical Installation including new E-stop buttons, E-stop guard actuators and E-stop control panel.

Mechanical Installation including panel guards and door panels.



Barony Universal Products

Deluge Pump Control System

Control system engineering using Siemens S7 equipment. Scope of supply includes producing circuit schematic diagrams, writing PLC and HMI software and providing Factory Acceptance Test/ Site Acceptance Test documentation.

Emergency stop system engineering to suit an assumed SIL1.

Installation and Commissioning

Tank Farm Control System

The Tank Farm consists of freestanding storage vessels containing LPG and Ethanol.

Main panel build using Siemens PLC, HMI and associated control equipment.

Safety control system engineered to suit an assumed SIL1 or performance level ‘c’ equivalent to CAT2.

Electrical Installation



Pipeline Induction Heat

Heater Control System

Control panel build using Siemens S7 PLC, Eurotherm temperature and heater power controllers, Omron relays and Merlin Gerin overloads.