Case Studies

Don’t replace old for old. Replace old for new at a similar cost (including conversion)

July 1, 2019

When faced with the complete failure of a HMI TP177A, our customer wished to source an equivalent part from the original supplier. Obsolete Siemens TP177A HMI © Siemens AG 2019 Two problems were: 1) The obsolete screen was programmed with an obsolete package – Protool 2) The cost of the old replacement screen was more expensive than a newer and fully supported HMI. After ...

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Weekend shutdown sees pump system upgraded to latest Siemens Sinamics drives and S7-1200 PLC

July 25, 2018

When faced with the unreliability and ageing Crabtree motor starter sets, a leading manufacturer of waterproofing products turned to Optima for assistance. The existing pump control system was direct on-line and required pump changeovers to be initiated manually. The solution was to replace the existing starter panels with a single panel housing 18.5kW and 30kW variable ...

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First Batch of UL-Control Panels Finished and ready for shipping to the USA

July 5, 2018

This is our first batch of UL-Rated control panels completed and ready for storage prior to shipping to the United States. This is part of a fully integrated Rockwell Automation control system featuring ControlLogix PLC’s with Guard Logix Safety and PowerFlex Drives.

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Improved Performance And Reliability Following Upgrade From Hydraulic Motors To AC Geared Motors

December 13, 2017

When a major paper producer was faced with increasingly temperamental performance from the existing hydraulic drive control system on their Valmet KL Winder, they turned to Optima for assistance. The system suffered from uncontrolled starting from cold until the hydraulics had reached normal temperature. However, even at normal operating temperature, there were still issues with ...

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Automax and PLC 5 to PowerFlex Drives and Control Logix Upgrade on Metalliser

July 4, 2017

In this upgrade, carried out during a planned shutdown, an Automax controller and obsolete DC drives were removed and replaced by new AC Powerflex 753 drives and AC vector motors. The SLC500 rack was replaced by a new Control Logix rack and remote IO on Ethernet. The now redundant PanelMax HMI was replaced by a ...

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Optima’s upgrade solution for a Sirpak 200 cut-to-length Machine system reduces waste by 9km per week

June 8, 2017

Optima were approached by an internationally renowned packaging manufacturer, particularly specialised in cartons, labels and leaflets. The company’s manufacturing facilities across the globe must deliver maximum efficiency and reliability to enable excellent customer service and innovative packaging designs. Their Scotland-based plant was faced with obsolescence and unreliability of a Sirpak 200 tube forming and cut to ...

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Metal Decorating Press Upgrade using Siemens Simotion S120 + D425 controller + Simatic S7 PLC

June 1, 2017

In this project, Optima provided a complete new control system for a Metal Decorating Press. In order to print the colours correctly aligned, all axes must be fully synchronised. Optima chose to use Sinamics S120 Drives and the D425 motion controller to achieve the required accuracy. The control system was a completely integrated package from Siemens ...

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Pegler Yorkshire record 25% uptime improvement after control system upgrade by Optima

April 15, 2013

      Pegler Yorkshire designs and manufactures innovative and reliable branded connect & control solutions for the worldwide plumbing and heating industry. The company has invested heavily in their manufacturing facilities at an average rate of £3.5m per annum. These developments, involving significant capital equipment investment, have resulted in major customer benefits including shorter lead times, improved ...

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KUKA Robotics and Optima CS team up to deliver maximum reliability to paper mill

October 9, 2012

Following the waves of industrial innovation over recent years, as part of a fundamental drive to maximise productivity, one of the leading paper manufacturers has deployed industrial robots for label application to its finished products, the company’s Flintshire-based paper mill faced some serious problems with one of the robots functioning on site. According to the lines ...

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Optima Deliver Control Solution For Bridon International

June 7, 2012

  Bridon International Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer supplying specialist metal rope and wire solutions for a number of heavy industries. Their products are widely used in demanding environments such as oil and gas installations, mining and structural projects. With such diverse, complex and safety critical applications, Bridon’s products must meet the highest quality standards. Bridon’s Doncaster ...

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