OEE Improvements

InfoServe365 AssetManager™

AssetManager™ is a low cost yet extremely powerful data collection, analysis and reporting system that is easy to install, simple to operate, globally accessible and securely serves up manufacturing intelligence in a clear, succinct format.

The system’s smart technical platform means that we can provide the AssetManager™ hosting services also at very low cost.

The AssetManager™ system operates on the proven InfoServe365 platform so ensuring high reliability. It comes with a standard 8.4” touch screen operator station and a set of interface I/O hardware that makes the system easy to install and simple to interface with virtually any production machine.

AssetManager™ automatically measures and reports OEE (overall equipment efficiency) and informs business managers of critical production KPIs.

The product has many useful features that will be of use to your company in many ways. Whilst it’s features are obviously important, it is the impact that AssetManager™ has on a company’s culture and productivity that are paramount. The common, shared and independently gathered information being available to the whole management team galvanises that team. The clarity it brings to the production operations allows informed decision making to be accelerated, improvements to be targeted objectively and their impact to be highly visible.

Fundamentally, the AssetManager™ product automatically reports the efficiency of production operations and highlights the salient causes of production losses. It has two discrete elements, a system component and a service component.

The system is the medium with which the production data is gathered and managed. This smart platform has been designed specifically to collect operational data from virtually any production machinery.

The service component is the hosted data analysis platform, it includes analysis tools, an auto-analysis engine and hardware configuration modules.

Together, the AssetManager™ system and service components combine to provide clients with accurate, reliable and live business intelligence regarding their manufacturing operations and as a hosted service is globally available.

The Data Capture System

The AssetManager™ system has been designed to install on any production machine, it therefore presents operatives with a consistent data entry medium, providing them with a common interface regardless of the host machine type or manufacturer. So whichever machine an operator attends in your company they will have a familiar data entry method.

The system acquires data both automatically, via the simple wired connectivity to the subject machine and semi-automatically using an 8.4” touch screen operator interface where, using tailored menus, operators are prompted to enter pertinent information using this quick and simple input medium.

As an out-of-the-box product, the touch screen interface and associated I/O (input/output) hardware is supplied with easy installation and set up instructions. Although we are happy to provide this service if requested.

If the host machine has multiple operation locations, say on a long printing press, multiple data entry screens can be installed in selected locations allowing efficient data entry.


The system also has a smart maintenance model. Once web connectivity is achieved, most maintenance requirements can be carried out remotely by our skilled engineers and it has clever support features, for example, where a customer has a configuration running on his 8.4” screen a copy is held on the hosted servers so that if the configuration ever needs re-installing, the copy is readily available for instant re-installation, avoiding a long-hand reconfiguration.

The Analysis Services

The analysis services are the data hosting and analysis module component of AssetManager. The system is designed on a centralised, hosted platform where all data storage and analysis tools are common to all users. This model means any system maintenance or functional upgrades are easily managed and are automatically received by all users. It also helps keep service costs very low.

Because AssetManager™ will install on one or more machines in single or multiple locations, the analysis toolset is designed to present all data from all applications in one well structured and intuitive toolset.

Once gathered locally, clients data is uploaded, collated and managed using discrete databases, resident on the hosted servers that are provided as part of the AssetManager™ service.

The analysis toolset has a number of constituent modules, namely; configuration modules, raw-data, real-time dashboards, a journal, a graphing module and a reporting suite. It is using these tools that clients manage their system and perform their productivity analysis.

Access to the on-line tools requires stringent security credentials, so unauthorised admission is not possible.

Configuration Tools

Configuration Module

Because the system hardware is the same for any application, once physically installed clients configure the interface to suit the machine or process on which it is installed. This configuration is done using the configuration module. Using this module initial setup and ongoing changes can be made where, for example, new downtime reasons need to be added or unused ones removed.

Analysis Tools

The AssetManager™ system holds data for up to 3 years for ready access and analysis. Beyond 3 years the data is archived but is still available. All data belongs to the client at all times. Data is stored anonymously so no association with any specific customer can be made. The analysis tools described below can be used on all gathered data.

Raw Data Module

The raw data module allows users to export any of their data from the hosted databases in a flat-file format (say XL) for independent or off-line analysis.

Journal Module

The journal module is a diarised log of all salient machine activities, recorded with an accurate time and date stamp. There is a facility for users to add free text comments also.

Real-time Dashboard Module

There are 2x real-time dashboards providing graphical representations of a) the general machine status, e.g. the current operational status, current speed, current shift, units produced so far etc., and b) the overall equipment efficiency metrics for the day, the current shift and the current job/product being run.

Line Graph Module

The line graph module is a tool that allows clients to produce trended graphs of data for any recorded parameter (up to 12 series per chart) over any period for which data has been collected. The graphing tools have numerous functions that allow users to zoom in, scroll, show 3d trends, add point values etc.

Reporting Suite

The AssetManager™ system has an auto-analysis engine which processes client data and produces a suite of powerful production performance reports. These personalised reports provide customers with up-to-the-minute intelligence regarding their manufacturing operations, indicating for example the daily, weekly and monthly OEE performance by shift, by date and by product, and also providing the downtime analysis against the same metrics. This growing suite of reports includes the following example reports…

  1. Weekly downtime analysis (by day)
  2. Monthly downtime analysis
  3. Weekly production analysis (by day)
  4. Monthly production
  5. Weekly production (by shift)
  6. Monthly production (by shift)
  7. Weekly production analysis (by day and shift)
  8. Monthly production analysis (by day and shift)
  9. Weekly warning analysis (by day)


The AssetManager™ system is easy to install and intuitive to use and there are comprehensive help files available to users on-line. However, we do provide a comprehensive training programme for clients where they feel their employees would benefit.

Optional Additional Functions

The functionality described so far are all provided as standard features of AssetManager. There are a number of additional features that can be chosen to increase the functionality of your system.

These include for example, an ERP interface option that allows companies with higher level business systems such as SAP or similar to address the operator station directly from the ERP over their network and download job files directly to the subject machine. Operators can then select the next job from the list they have on their screen and upon completion of the job, production and quality data is then automatically uploaded directly back to the ERP system.

Similarly, there is an energy monitoring module that allows accurate analysis of the energy needed to produce specific products.

Where companies want to display the current performance being achieved by operatives or teams on shop-floor located displays, there is functionality to do that too.

Service Levels

As an internet reliant web based system, AssetManager™ has designed-in features that will for instance tolerate loss of internet connectivity and allow us to maintain your system remotely.

We operate with a managed internet connection which guarantees 99.8% availability of connection. If the internet is lost for any reason, the operator station will continue collecting data locally for considerable periods (dependant upon the number of parameters being recorded, but always many weeks) and will upload the stored data once connectivity is regained.

We operate a return to base service system for the touch screen interface. These units are held in stock and we operate a 24hour from receipt turn-around system.

Re-configuration of a replacement unit is a fast, on-line function where a copy of the last configuration file is downloaded from the servers.

Access to the service is available 24/7. Technical support is available in normal, daily working hours.


The benefits that AssetManager™ offers are many.

The key benefits that the system realises are:

  1. The data collection overhead in terms of time and cost will reduce dramatically and become visible and consistent.
  2. Managers productive time is significantly increased by automating the data collection system
  3. The high data integrity makes it reliable and the collection technology makes the data live
  4. Strategic decision making becomes targeted, objective and accelerated
  5. Investment impact can be easily monitored
  6. Management teams galvanise
  7. Companies become better informed, more in control and more efficient producers

In Addition

Beyond the system and service elements mentioned above, at InfoServe365 Ltd. we commit to helping our clients get the maximum possible benefit from the AssetManager™ system by helping them develop and implement their continuous improvement activities.

We can provide additional LEAN consultancy services with specialist expertise in the development of efficient production operations and ERP implementation.

You can find out more information on how we can help improve your OEE on the InfoServe365 AssetManager Website.