Packaging, Coating & Converting

Innovation and reduced production costs are the two success factors for the packaging industry. Optima Control Solutions has the expert knowledge that contributes significantly to the second factor. Our experience with control system upgrades, industrial automation and system integration is unrivalled. A portfolio of more than 60 full-scale retrofit projects in the packaging industry alone speaks for itself! A coating line’s enhanced productivity is crucially dependent on expert engineering knowledge of complex winders, tension controls and web transport systems. We have developed deep understanding of each control system component and process over the past 19 years in the business.

Our automation experts have completed control system upgrades on laminators, coating lines, slitters and embossers amongst other equipment. We are well experienced with machines ranging from Cerrutti, Jagenberg, Polytype, DCM press to Bobst, Rotomec, Schiavi, Atlas, Delta.

Scope of Supply:

As industrial control specialists we are able supply the following engineering services for the packaging industry:

  • Conduct a detailed site survey.
  • Produce a detailed specification document.
  • Produce circuit schematic diagrams describing the functionality in our specification document.
  • Manufacture and supply of bespoke cubicles to replace existing ones.
  • Fully test the cubicles prior to delivery.
  • Ship the equipment to your factory.
  • Install the equipment.
  • Commission the installed equipment.

The manufacture of control cubicles includes the following tasks:

  • PLC/drives replacements
  • Writing PLC/SCADA software
  • Panel Build

Previous projects completed:

API Group

Coating line control system replacement

Design and supply of variable speed drive Control system for web transport and coating processes. Equipment used for this project includes Allen Bradley PLCs and Parker SSD DC drives.

Rewinder control system upgrade

Replacement of existing torque controlled DC drives and P.M. motors with equivalent AC vector drives and motors including load cell tension control in closed loop format.

Slitter data logging system modification

Modifications and commissioning of PLC and touch-screen software.

Laminating line drives replacement

Design, manufacture and supply of new control cubicle incorporating Parker SSD control equipment.

Laminating machine safety system design

Modifications of the existing safety system using PILZ safety equipment and including additional rotation sensing equipment.


Printing machine register monitoring system

Supply of register measurement system to monitor repeat length of register marks. Siemens PLC and HMI equipment is incorporated.

ECL line rewinders upgrade

Design of new control system for the re-conditioned and upgraded rewinder stand and integration of design and equipment into the existing drive control system.

BCP Fluted Packaging

Corrugator control system upgrade

Engineering and supply of a control system including incorporation of rotary knife board cutting system
Installation of safety system incorporating PILZ equipment.

Saica Packaging

Corrugator drive panel refurbishment

Supply, installation and commissioning of new drive control panel and AC Vector motors.Incorporation of ABB equipment.

Polibak Plastik Film

Metallising machine drives upgrade

Replacement of drives in unwind section, engineering of new software and supply of Parker SSD equipment.