Optima Announce Health and Safety Risk Assessment Procedures

Over the past years Optima has developed an internal system for safety assessment to ensure that all projects are carried out with minimum risk for the customer and Optima’s engineers. The 58-point assessment covers the wide range of hazardous factors including high voltage, fire and noise.

The safety assessment procedure is used at each stage of the control system engineering projects – during the initial surveying as well as during installing and commissioning the new equipment. For each hazardous factor a 3-point scale is used to assess the severity of the potential harm and its likelihood to occur. The overall risk is then estimated based on the simple formula “Risk = Likelihood x Severity”. In cases when safety precautions are out of Optima’s scope, we would require the customer to take responsibility for the control measures used to reduce safety risk.

Mark Turner, Optima’s engineering director, explained: “The system we have developed and used for many years is being continuously improved to comply with the latest safety requirements. Very often we find that customers do not meet the safety standards at the time. We cannot reduce the severity of a hazardous factor but for 99% of the projects we are able to reduce its likelihood of occurring. Our engineers are consistently receiving positive feedback about the level of safety we provide on site.”

 Download the Health and Safety assessment Preview here

 Download Full H&S assessment presentation here


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