Optima Control Solutions Introduces Machine Vision to its Services Portfolio

In March 2013, Optima Control Solutions announced the addition of machine vision to its services. Michael Hill, Managing Director of Optima, explained:

“Broadening our portfolio to include vision is an exciting strategic step for Optima. We forecast strong growth in the adoption of vision technologies as the leading manufacturers continue to introduce new products to the market and meet wider and more demanding applications.

Vision technology offers the obvious advantage of reliability in repetitive manual inspection tasks; the applications skills for vision are complex and highly specialist. By possessing the skills to apply the technology expertly coupled with our acknowledged control system engineering ability means Optima can offer clients a single-source solution provider with an impressive breadth of application knowledge.”

Machine vision utilises high-quality imaging methods and has a broad scope of applications for manufacturers such as defects elimination and assembly verification. Optima has already hired two engineers with 20 years of combined experience in vision solutions.

Mr. Hill commented: “As Optima continues to grow vision will play an integral part in our business development. By opening up new markets with new applications we will strengthen our position in the field of systems integration.”

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