Parker SSD Microtach Replacements

Microtach encoders, manufactured by SSD Drives for many years offered reliable transmission of sensitive high-frequency information in an electrically noisy environment.

The technology used a combination of an incremental encoder disk combined with micro-electronics to facilitate the use of single fibre optic transmission of the encoder pulses.

This gave a huge advantage of being able to transmit a noise-free signal over considerable distances.

However, time moves on and the Microtach is no longer available. The fibre optic cable, sending and receiving optics also degrade over time, affecting system integrity and reliability.


Link Rack

Fortunately, Optima can upgrade your ageing Microtach units with a modern equivalent that has exactly the same mounting arrangement. We also supply a new coupling with every encoder.

We use our own proven high-quality multi-sheathed cable to give the same reliable signal quality for the wired encoder equivalent. Distances up to 100 metres have been achieved with no signal degradation.

For this, or any other LINK hardware or software support, just get in touch. With over 100 years of combined experience engineering (and for some, designing!) the Link hardware, we have a solution for your obsolete hardware.