DC Drive 1-ph 8A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated  

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Parker SSD Drives 512C – 8A Four Quadrant DC Thyristor Drive

The 512C converter is intended for use in an Industrial Environment, it should be mounted
within an enclosure which provides protection to the converter and the user.
The converter should be permanently earthed at the terminals provided.
The 512C converter is suitable for the control of Permanent Magnet and Shunt Wound DC
The converters are designed to operate from a single phase ac mains supply in the range of 110Vac to 415Vac at 50 or 60Hz. A simple transformer tap arrangement allows the converter to be programmed to suit the applied voltage.
The Speed of the DC Motor is controlled using a linear closed loop system with a feedback
signal from either tachogenerator or armature voltage, the feedback source being switch
A current loop within the speed loop always ensures that controlled levels of current are applied to the motor, actual levels being scaleable via programmable switches.
Motor protection is provided by a Stall detection circuit which will remove current from the motor after approximately 60 seconds.
Converter protection is provided by a Instantaneous Overcurrent trip circuit overriding control in the event of a Short Circuit.

The 512C provides effective torque and speed control of permanent magnet or wound field DC motors. Extremely linear speed and current loops in an isolated package, ideal for single or multiple motor applications up to 32A, 9kW.

Typical applications include:

• Centrifugal fans and pumps
• Extruders and mixers
• Small paper converting machines


Supply 110–115V, 220–240V or 380–415V (±10%) selectable, single phase
Operating Temperature 0–40°C, up to 1000m ASL without derating
Overload 150% for 60 seconds
Degree of protection IP00
Field Output 3A DC
Analogue Inputs 3
Analogue Outputs 1
Digital Inputs 1
Relay Digital Outputs 2

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If you want to see how your machine or process is operating day in day out from anywhere in the world, where do you start? With the increased risk of hacking of industrial devices becoming ever more prevalent Security Week – New Vulnerabilities Can Allow Hackers to Remotely Crash Siemens PLCs it’s not as simple as just hooking your PLC onto your local network.

An increasing number of companies are turning to remote cloud-based solutions for machine monitoring. Optima are pleased to offer the Cloud-based solution which keeps your automation hardware safely behind a secure firewall. Most of our clients prefer a SIM-card based system. The benefits of this system are that the equipment is always live whenever there is cellular reception available. Our range of antenna options mean that reception is possible even in the most remote locations.

The video below shows a basic demonstration dashboard. If you would like to know more then please get in touch – we like to talk!

This video gives a very brief demonstration on how our Remote Access and Cloud Logging System can help you keep track of how your machine is performing. See when the machine is started, stopped, realise production metric data straight to your mobile, desktop or tablet.

We have been trialling our remote machine data dashboards #iot #industry4. These allow real-time data to be visualised from any PLC anywhere in the world to a PC, tablet or mobile ‘phone anywhere in the world! The system can communicate over 4G, Wi-Fi, or a direct Ethernet connection. From Kazakhstan (yes, we do have two units out there!) to Kendal (we haven’t got one there yet…), we have you covered for a very low monthly cost.
Our remote reporting dashboards which can send #production #reports by #email will shortly be ready for release.

For more information, please contact info@optimacs.com

Mark Lane.

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