DC Drive 1-ph 32A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen

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Parker SSD Drives 514C – 32A Four Quadrant DC Thyristor Drive

The 514C controller is intended for use in an Industrial Environment, it should be mounted
within an enclosure which provides protection to the controller and the user.

The controller should be permanently earthed at the terminals provided.

The 514C controller is designed to control the speed of a DC Shunt wound or permanent
magnet motor. It will provide control of the motor speed in all 4 Quadrants of operation.
The controllers are designed to operate from a single phase AC mains supply in the range of 110 Vac to 415 Vac at 50 or 60 Hz. An auxiliary supply is required for internal power supply generation and main supply contactor sequencing. Coding is derived from the main power terminals and is functional over the whole input voltage range.

The Speed of the DC Motor is controlled using a linear closed loop system with a feedback
signal from either tachogenerator or armature voltage, the feedback source being switch

A current loop within the speed loop always ensures that controlled levels of current are
applied to the motor, actual levels being scaleable via programmable switches.

Motor protection is provided by a Stall detection circuit which will remove current from the
motor after approximately 60 seconds.

Controller protection is provided by a Instantaneous Overcurrent trip circuit overriding
control in the event of a Short Circuit

The 514C offers full four quadrant regenerative control of
permanent magnet or wound field DC motors. Ideal for
applications requiring accurate or rapid deceleration of
high inertia loads. Effective for single or multiple motor
applications to 32A, 9kW.
Typical applications include:
• Machine tool spindles
• Wire drawing machines
• Winders/Reelers


Supply Auxiliary: 110/120Vac or 220/240Vac ±10% selectable; Power: 110–480Vac selectable
Operating Temperature 0–40°C
Overload 150% for 60 seconds
Degree of protection IP00
Field Output 3A DC
Analogue Inputs 5
Analogue Outputs 4
Digital Inputs 3
Relay Digital Outputs 2

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