Are Engineers in Short Supply?

As the owner manager of an engineering business for the past 15 years I have come to appreciate the complexities that are part and parcel of my role and my company. Challenges are presented every day and we deal with them. My company has a great reputation within industry, a highly skilled, highly motivated and loyal workforce and we share ambition. Continue reading

Upgrade Our Printing Presses and Improve Our Manufacturing Efficiency

With money in short supply an option to improve the presses manufacturing efficiency at a fraction of the price of a new machine was immediately attractive to the management team at Polestar Purnell in Somerset.

When presented with poor print and fold quality, coupled with sleep depriving reliability for three ageing gravure printing presses, Optima Control Solutions Ltd. provided a remarkably successful answer for the Polestar Group. Continue reading

Optima Apply Siemens Technology in Photographic Finish

Optima Control Solutions Ltd. applied Siemens Automation and Drives equipment for the complete upgrading of a high speed lithoplate cut-to-length facility. The operators of such plants face a bewildering choice of options that can involve large variations in cost and reliability. The huge capacity of a single line means that a solution needs to be successful as any shortcomings have a high impact on output. Despite the short access times available, industrial controls and systems specialist Optima, completed a high quality Jagenberg Sheeter refurbishment for Kodak (Formerly Kodak Polychrome Graphics). Continue reading

Optima is Converting Performance into Profits

Drives, PLCs and SCADA and controls are fundamental to the converting industry, companies naturally rely on their machine control systems for production. More recently however, enterprising companies have developed their control systems to commercial advantage. Continue reading