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The full range of Parker DC Drives 514 to 590+

  • 506 / 507 / 508 series, 1 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 12A
  • 512C series, 2 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 32A
  • 514C series, 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 32A
  • 590P series, 2 or 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 165A

Optima are proud to be able to supply the complete range of digital and analogue DC variable speed drives from Parker for a wide variety of applications ranging from 1 to 1950A. Parker DC drive solutions range from basic motor control to advanced, closed-loop process line applications.

Optima can also convert the popular LINK fibre optic systems on Parker DC Drives to the latest network topologies from Siemens to control your application from a standard Siemens HMI and PLC which replaces the link HMI’s and rack.


DC Drive 1-ph 4A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated


DC Drive 1-ph 8A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated  


DC Drive 1-ph 16A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated


DC Drive 1-ph 32A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated


DC Drive 1-ph 4A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen


DC Drive 1-ph 8A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen


DC Drive 1-ph 16A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen


DC Drive 1-ph 32A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen

The Full Range of Parker AC and DC Drives can be supplied by Optima

Recent Posts

Drive System Retrofit for MasterDrives

Because of their superior functionality, comprehensive performance range and application flexibility, the Siemens Simovert MASTERDRIVES in CUVC, CUMC, Compact form and other variants has been a very successful drive system for single motor and multi-motor applications. The established common DC bus system enabled it to be used on demanding production machine processes across a wide range of industry sectors.

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the end of the line for your production machine.

Optima’s innovative approach to upgrades significantly reduces the installation time and minimises risk to your site. All of our systems are thoroughly tested before they are shipped to site, completely eliminating any “out of box” failures.

Some of the benefits you will realise are:

  • Extended life span of your machine and increased availability due to continued spare parts supply with full support by Siemens
  • Improved productivity through lower energy costs and faster production cycles, through:
    • Simple operation monitoring using operator panel
    • User-friendly diagnostics with the STARTER tool
    • Additional interface options via PROFINET or PROFIBUS
  • Future-proofed due to access to the new world of TIA Portal

Optima’s approach for upgrades is to:

  1. 1.Analysis of your current machine configuration and potential further customer request
  2. Recommendation on the best replacement scenario
  3. Installation, configuration and commissioning of new  components and creation of circuit diagram and documentation
  4. Acceptance test and machine handover.

If requested, we can also provide training for all your relevant engineers and instruction of the operating personnel

Why Optima?

  1. We’ve been upgrading complex drive systems for over 20 years
  2. We are one of only 7 authorised Siemens Drives and Motion partners in the UK
  3. We provide a complete solution provided by one retrofit supplier including mechanical installation of motors and/or supply of adaptor plates and flanges to suit
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