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Jagenberg Sheeter – It is over 10 years since we upgraded our first Jagenberg high-speed cut-to-length machine. These complex upgrades need not only a full understanding of the control philosophy but also intimate knowledge of the machine’s control system architecture, including all software and hardware with detailed documentation of every on-machine actuator, wire and terminal. We provide the following engineering services to ensure a successful retrofit:

  • Fitting and wiring a main suite of control cubicles with AC and DC drives, PLC and auxiliary control equipment (including web transport, stacker and rotary shear control equipment).
  • Building an unwind control desk.
  • Writing up functional software.
  • Providing a tele-support MODEM unit for remote engineering support services.
  • Servicing

Pasaban Sheeter – Often clients explore upgrading control systems in stages, with the intention of minimising the impact on production. On this application we were able to engineer the upgrade in such a fashion.

  • Machine survey
  • Engineering of drive configuration software and MPS functional software
  • Manufacturing of a control cubicle
  • Testing, shipping and commissioning of the equipment
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Safety Guarding Equipment
  • Servicing

Wickeltechnik jumbo winder – We are familiar with the control systems of this having engineered them on a number of occasions. One such project included installing a new, supportable Siemens MP277 screen in order to overcome obsolescence of the existing operator interface. In order to complete this task successfully we provided the client with the following services:

Writing HMI software Installation of a new PROFIBUS network card in the PLC rack Electrical Installation and Commissioning


Laminators – A great number of our projects involved replacement of existing drive control equipment on laminators. We are able to upgrade any drive system with the latest control equipment available at time.

One recent job our engineers completed on a laminating machine necessitated an upgrade to fibre optic control network, Siemens S7 PLC and a new AC motor. In order to accurately control the web tension in the machine, our experts also changed the existing mechanical arrangement.

Coating lines – Coating lines are widely used in many other industries related to the packaging industry. On this occasion we have done many system upgrades on coating lines, especially on their rewind/unwind controllers.

The brief for one coating line upgrade project was to replace the existing Rewind web tension controllers – the DC drives. To complete the task we used new SSD 590+ DC drives and Link rack.

For another coater-laminator line our automation experts replaced the existing control system with Siemens Sinamics range of AC drive controllers and Siemens S7 PLC. More importantly, the new equipment was ATEX compliant as recommended by our engineers who were concerned with the safety of the old motors and controllers.

Slitting lines – We are able to design and manufacture complete line control systems for slitters as well as to upgrade only specific sections of the system. A full replacement with a PLC based system and modern digital drives gives accurate control of web tension by installing load cells on the machine, and control of the hydraulic system for edge guiding/reel loading.

One slitting line control system upgrade featured a main drive replacement. It comprised a 75kW Powerflex 700 AC Vector Drive with a mounted within a cubicle suitable for future extension to incorporate other control gear and PLC equipment required for the complete Line Control.


Extrusion lines – Plastics extrusion is one of the most critical manufacturing processes in the plastics industry. We have been involved in a number of extruder control system upgrade projects in the past and continue working on extrusion lines for well known plastics producers.

The scope of works on an extrusion line may consist of:

  • Site survey to ensure that all existing line functionality is designed into the new control system.
  • Design and manufacture of the new extrusion line control system and integrated SCADA package.
  • Testing, Training and Commissioning

Stenter lines – A stenter line is comprised of a pre-stretch section, a stenter section and a post-stretch section. The successful upgrade of a single section’s controls requires complete understanding of all three sections’ control principles. For one such project our engineers had to replace the existing Extrusion and Rewind control systems on a stenter production line.

The control equipment installed by our automation experts included:

  • Siemens S7 processor and associated I/O modules;
  • Siemens 6RA70 DC and Siemens AC Masterdrives;
  • Siemens WinCC Scada package

In order to enhance the stenter’s performance Optima’s engineers replaced the existing DC motor (extruder) and the DC drive controllers (rewinder).


Cerutti – We have completed a number of upgrade projects on this printing press. For example, we have optionally operated main lineshaft motors both in speed control and in phase lock control. The phase lock control improves the stability of the web provided to the main pull roll section and hence improves print registration. We have operated phase lock controls for main pull rolls and folder pull rolls.

Jagenberg – The operation of a Jagenberg Winder machine is not simple and as such relies on a fairly complex control system. We have previously engineered these machine control systems and are familiar with their complexities.

  • Engineering of PLC and HMI functional software
  • Manufacturing of control cubicle backplates
  • Commissioning of installed equipment.

DCM Press – As a result of a few projects on DCM presses we are now confident in offering the following services for this machine:

  • Conducting a thorough machine survey
  • Producing documented PLC resident software regarding the controls that need upgrading.
  • Supervising the implementation of modifications required.
  • Commissioning the modified control system.
  • Producing “as commissioned” documentation of modified circuit schematics and software backups for PLC, HMI and drive resident software.

Polytype press – These are some of the previous upgrade services that we implemented successfully for this printing machine:

Conducted a detailed site survey. Wrote PLC, HMI, SCADA software. Manufactured and supplied a new control cubicle to house a new temperature control PLC. Installed the equipment at site. Tested and commissioned the equipment.

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