OCS2415 / IX2415 Ethernet 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity Remote Access Router

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IX2415 Router for remote access to Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell hardware.

Price includes set-up and configuration of the device for your site. Please contact us for more information.

Provides data dashboards and long term trending too.

List Price: £849.00 +VAT +Shipping
SKU: 85176990
MPN: IX2415


Go on, what is it?

Optima’s Cloud-Based remote support solution offers a cyber secure and power-ful remote access facility to your equip-ment and devices on-site. Installation and configuring of the unit is straightforward. We can enable multiple user profiles and select the access rights you wish for each, providing high securi-ty. In fact, the encryption standard is AES 256 used for bank-level security.

OK, how does it work?

We use our programming tools such as TIA Portal®* or RSLogix® ** to seamless-ly access your equipment, as and when you allow us to. This enables you to ac-cess our engineering expertise as if we were at your machine, without incurring additional costs or delays due to travelling time.

How does it connect?

There are three different connectivity options available on our remote access platform: Wired Ethernet     WiFi            4G

A combination of these can also be used, enhancing the uptime of the remote connection.

Optima can provide flexible SIM-card options from a variety of network providers depending on the best coverage for your area for the remote 4G access depending on the projected data usage.

We have installed numerous systems at our customer sites, many with no direct internet access such as remote operating plants.

Optional accessories such as high-gain antennas can also be specified to increase the connection reliability

What else can it do?

For a small additional monthly cost, it also allows you to log data and visualize information. Custom dashboards can be created to display exactly the information you want. The exact cost depends on the frequency and amount of data that you wish to log.


  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 4G Connectivity (requires SIM Data Contract)
  • Built-in firewall
  • Data logging and alarms (additional monthly cost)

Price Excludes VAT+ Shipping


Supply 24VDC

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OCS2415 / IX2415 Ethernet 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity Remote Access Router

If you want to see how your machine or process is operating day in day out from anywhere in the world, where do you start? With the increased risk of hacking of industrial devices becoming ever more prevalent Security Week – New Vulnerabilities Can Allow Hackers to Remotely Crash Siemens PLCs it’s not as simple as just hooking your PLC onto your local network.

An increasing number of companies are turning to remote cloud-based solutions for machine monitoring. Optima are pleased to offer the Cloud-based solution which keeps your automation hardware safely behind a secure firewall. Most of our clients prefer a SIM-card based system. The benefits of this system are that the equipment is always live whenever there is cellular reception available. Our range of antenna options mean that reception is possible even in the most remote locations.

The video below shows a basic demonstration dashboard. If you would like to know more then please get in touch – we like to talk!

This video gives a very brief demonstration on how our Remote Access and Cloud Logging System can help you keep track of how your machine is performing. See when the machine is started, stopped, realise production metric data straight to your mobile, desktop or tablet.

We have been trialling our remote machine data dashboards #iot #industry4. These allow real-time data to be visualised from any PLC anywhere in the world to a PC, tablet or mobile ‘phone anywhere in the world! The system can communicate over 4G, Wi-Fi, or a direct Ethernet connection. From Kazakhstan (yes, we do have two units out there!) to Kendal (we haven’t got one there yet…), we have you covered for a very low monthly cost.
Our remote reporting dashboards which can send #production #reports by #email will shortly be ready for release.

For more information, please contact info@optimacs.com

Mark Lane.

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