All DC Drives

Parker DC Drives 514 to 590+

  • 506 / 507 / 508 series, 1 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 12A
  • 512C series, 2 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 32A
  • 514C series, 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 32A
  • 590P series, 2 or 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 165A

Optima are proud to be able to supply the complete range of digital and analogue DC variable speed drives from Parker for a wide variety of applications ranging from 1 to 1950A. Parker DC drive solutions range from basic motor control to advanced, closed-loop process line applications.

Optima can also convert the popular LINK fibre optic systems on Parker DC Drives to the latest network topologies from Siemens to control your application from a standard Siemens HMI and PLC which replaces the link HMI’s and rack.


DC Drive 1-ph 4A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated


DC Drive 1-ph 8A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated  


DC Drive 1-ph 16A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated


DC Drive 1-ph 32A IP00 1Q 110/240/400/500V.isolated


DC Drive 1-ph 4A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen


DC Drive 1-ph 8A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen


DC Drive 1-ph 16A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen


DC Drive 1-ph 32A IP00 4Q 110-500V Isolated Regen

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All the support you need… when you need it

Here at Optima we are always looking at ways at which we can better support our customers. If the problem can be identified remotely and and fixed without requiring a visit to site, then there are cost savings to be made, both in terms of engineering time saved and production downtime losses.
Of course, not every problem can be fixed remotely, but if a more detailed prognosis can be made in the first instance, then preparations for any site visit will be more focused on the problem area. Read our Remote Access Brochure for more information.

Cloud Remote Access

Cloud Access

With this remote access system:

  • Our engineers use the same software they would use if they had travelled to the remote site. The customer does not need to purchase the specialist programming tools or laptop
  • The system uses the existing, broadband Internet connection on site, whether wired or wireless
  • If this is not available (for example at a remote operating plant or location) our 4G Mobile Data Sim configuration provides the communication link required. 
  • Depending on network coverage, the most appropriate mobile telephone network provider can be selected. Our range of high-gain antennas ensure that a reliable data link is always available
  • The system can be configured to send e-mail notifications, when machine faults / alerts occur

We would be pleased to provide you with a custom quotation for your remote access requirements.

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